20140927-IMG_779987 miles of long distance walking in scenic south western countryside from Overton Hill near Avebury to Ivanhoe Beacon near Tring. One of the UK National Trails and said to be the UK’s oldest road. Promising lots of history and interesting geology, this drovers path was under our feet for a week in September 2014.

With hindsight we should have walked this over eight days, not seven, as the group of six of us all suffered in some ways from the daily mileage which was originally thought to be around 13.5 miles but ended up more like 15. With the chalk substrate baked hard by the glorious summer months we had enjoyed, the going was tougher than expected and blistered feet and broken knees resulted.

A good walk though, in some surprisingly hidden countryside where the views were panoramic and the inns were for the most part reasonable quality.

We were so lucky with the weather. Almost not even a drop of rain with lovely warm sunshine most days and cool enough that walking was pleasant. Had we walked for 8 days, we would have been wet on the last one.

Glad we did it? You bet.

Day One – Avebury to Ogbourne St George

Day Two – Ogbourne St George to Woolstone

Day Three – Woolstone to East Ilsley

Day Four – East Ilsley to Crowmarsh Gifford

Day Five – Crowmarsh Gifford to Ashton Rowant

Day Six – Ashton Rowant to Wendover 

Day Seven – Wendover to Ivanhoe Beacon


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