New Zealand Tiki 2020

Week by Week

Plan B (post passport palaver, pre Covid-19 catastrophe)

Plan A was 90 days and going all around both the islands. That went pear-shaped due to the passport problem. Plan B was supposed to be 70 days – 55 in the North Island and 15 in the South.

Plan C

Plan C resulted from the Covid-19 disruption. We got locked down in lovely Martinborough for 7 weeks. So when we were able to start move around again under level 2, this was our revised plan. Having written that, the plan had to change again once our flights got cancelled by a Thai Airlines declaring itself bankrupt.

We did achieve most of plan C once Covid-19 was eliminated from New Zealand – hooray! But with limited flight availability and frankly limited desire to return to a county that has serious Covid issues and is erupting with protests and shopping frenzies, we feel we should stay here for the duration of our six month visa….

Auckland from the ferry
Week One
Coromandel Town Mural
Week Two
Early morning in Tauranga
Week Three
Napier Waterfront
Week Four
Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Day 29 – The Putangirua Pinnacles

Weeks Five to Eleven
Life was a bowl of peaches
And the odd glass of wine….

Locked Down in Martinborough. But how fortunate are we?

Out in the open again soon?

Day 29 – The Putangirua Pinnacles

Week Twelve onwards – on the road again!
Week Eighteen onwards – blogging again!