General New Zealand Tiki 2020

New Zealand Road Trip 2020 – the plan

70 days in New Zealand. How lucky are we? 55 days in the North Island, 15 in the South. So excited at the prospect.

We start in Auckland and after Waiheke Island we do a loop of the Coromandel Peninsula before a tour of the Eastern Cape ending up in Gisborne and Napier. We then drop down to the South of the North Island via Taupo, the National Park, then on to the Wairarapa region and a few days in Wellington before taking the ferry to the South Island. We have two weeks touring the top part of the South Island.

This itinerary leaves the balance of the South Island for another trip possibly in 2022, when we would fly in to Christchurch – if we should be spared and the crick don’t rise.

Our route thinking at present is:

A huge thanks to Laurie, Penny & Kieran and Martin for their suggestions.

And don’t mention passports…