The knee recovery, unlike Spring, has arrived

The knee is feeling much better this morning, 13 days after the arthroscopic operation. I think that reviewing the still pictures on Monday with the surgeon explain the process, helped me mentally get my head around what is anyway a very minor op. But one which takes time to heal!

He reassured me that the tendon pain I was feeling was very likely to have been from the operation itself as he needed to force the joint open to get proper access to all parts of the knee.

I wonder what had caused the trauma to the bone? Some sports injury some time ago he felt. “May as well fix that while we had it all open” he said. A bit of a result I suppose.

I’m going to go into the office tomorrow to get back in the harness, having felt quite guilty about being out for so long. Hope they will be pleased to see me!

Doing my exercises that the physio proscribed for me has also definitely helped – seeing her again tomorrow afternoon. Both the surgeon Mr Jairaj, and Jo the physio have been excellent. The only minor blip in the process has been the nurse leaving a bit of the stitch in one of my wounds. She dug around with the scalpel and the tweezers (look away now if you are feeling faint) and then apologised that she hadn’t managed to retrieve all of the blue nylon strand. I expect it will work its way out – and I’m keeping an eye out for it…

Happy Birthday to my old mate Pierre – joining me in the fabulous fifties today!

Now where is Spring?


“Knee-ding” to get over the arthroscopy…

I feel confident that Mr Jairaj has done a briliiant job of sorting out my torn lateral medial meniscus – see the image which shows the shredded bits needing to be cleaned up. I just am hoping now that he hasn’t sorted out something that wasn’t bothering me but accidentally and inadvertedly left me still with something that was – and is. We will see.


The plan was, and is, to get to the Glyndwyr Way this year and to do it in a series of day walks, using Heather’s Mum’s house as a base and taking advantage of her kind hospitality over a series of long weekends. Once the weather improves of course.

The operation was the Thursday before last and didn’t take long. By that I mean I was out by the mid afternoon, having been well looked after by the team at North Downs. At 7.30am met the theatre nurse – a male, who said that he would be working until midnight that day. I guess making the full use of the theatre makes sense, but can people concentrate for such long periods of time without making mistakes? Anyway, by the time I had registered that I was being given a mild sedative to relax me, I was out for the remainder.

The problem had been the nagging pain on the inside of the right knee – ever present over the last eight months or so, and although improved slightly by our trip to Mexico and lovely restful week at the end of that, was still niggling and threatening to disrupt the plans for the next few walks. I walked through it on the Cotswolds Way, but having been told it would never repair itself naturally due to the lack of blood flow to that part, thought it best to have the op to put it all right.

I’m now recuperating, which is taking longer than I thought. The first day I felt no pain at all – I guess they give you such a heavy dose that the danger is that one has no wanring signs of the after effects. Not that I’m complaining. The morning after it was quite sore and has been getting better ever since. But the nagging pain on the side by my tendon hasn’t gone away – why not I wonder?

The physiotherapist gave it a working over a week after the op. and that made it feel much better although the consequent pain the following day was the worst so far. Must man up though – what can you expect – sympathy? Actuallly friends, family and colleagues have all been most supportive and that helps.

I’m feeling strongly that the tendon is sore as a result of walking oddly to compensate for the meniscus – that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. I expect Jo (physio) and Mr Jairaj will sort it out between them.

I thought it was a joke that I should perhaps write on the right knee to indicate that was the one to operate on – but I didn’t need to as Mr Jairaj did that for me – hooray for Sharpies!

Off to see Mr Jairaj again now and no doubt to watch the video – this time with his commentary to help explain. Amazing technology these days! If anyone wants the full video to watch – do let me know…..

Bring on the Spring and the Glyndwyr Way. Oh and the West Highland Way in October of course!